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We are now offering our world renowned restoration services for those much loved items in need of some professional tlc.
Our craftsman are experts in their field and specialise in:

Antique Musical Boxes


Our tried and tested techniques will bring your antique musical box back to life.
Whether you just want your musical box to play again, or you would like it to look and sound as it would have done when new, we can work with you to fit your needs. Both movement and case can be brought back to life in our workshops.


Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches

Whether your antique clock needs a service or a full overhaul, we will be able to assist you. Our resident clock maker has many decades of experience restoring long case, mantel and just about any other type of antique clock that springs to mind. We are also able to service and repair your antique pocket watch.
f your 

Singing Bird Automata

From antique singing birds in cages to the modern Reuge examples, we are able to service/repair your cherished singing bird automaton.

Please email us at the address below to obtain a free quote.

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